Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I used to be a kpop lover not until the year i'm preparing for SPM. I had stopped every activities related to kpop to concentrate into my studies. I thought that i will be leaving the kpop world forever because i did not manage to catch up with the pace of the kpop industry, so i did rather go with my english hits songs.

However, this EXO, managed to give me goosebumps while i listen to their Growl. Those excitement and enthusiasm which i used to have while listening to kpop songs came back to my heart and this song had imprinted in my mind so so so badly. I had been repeating this song for like more than 20 times in a day. The song had a catchy beat, which captured lots of non-kpop fans to continue listening to it.

Moreover, their good looking features had captured my heart. I'm more interested in Tao, his charisma attracted me in the EXO pre-debut teaser. I got to know that he is a Chinese from China, he knew martial arts too, which made him more attractive.

Don't he look sexyyyyyyy?!?!?!? *SCREAMS*

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hello readers!

Good evening peoples,

I have never known that im actually a blogger since 2009. This blog used to post about my PMR life where i was only fifteen back then. Now, i'm already eighteen and currently pursuing Diploma in Accountancy in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College. Time flies.

I would like to start my first post writing about my home leaving. For the first time i had left home for FOUR MONTHS. I had cried approximately 6 times in this four months due to strong homesick that will never fade. Before i left my lovely hometown, i used to be happy because i'm free from the control of my parents. I didn't really miss my home until the second week of my arrival in Kuala Lumpur.

I came to Kuala Lumpur with another two of my classmates from hometown. We live together with another 3 person in a house. We rented a room, but it is always quiet during the weekend. Both of my classmates will normally visit their family who lives in KL and left me alone in the empty room. That was when i will be having the heaviest homesick. I will break down and cry like nobody business. I miss my mom, my dad and everyone including my best friends who already separated to their own way.

However, it was so lucky that the rest of my weekdays were filled with joy. I met tons of crazy classmates who were united, we normally had lunch together and went back home together. Most of my time were filled with happiness. I had also joined some society which i hope could bring me more and more memories and also helps me cure my homesick since now i'm attached to something, i will not be drowning in missing someone so badly.

Overall, i'm satisfied and grateful for what i had. I'm hoping that semester two will be better than semester one.

Thanks for spending your time by reading this short post. I promise to update my blog atleast once a week ;) So stay tuned for more post!

Till then